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Cabo San Lucas

I have to say that I do think that Cabo is one of the best vacation places that i’ve ever been to. Both times, i’ve only been for work with Pink Lily but we had nothing but beautiful weather and scenery the entire time. I’ve traveled to Hawaii and the Caribbean and both had several rainy days but Cabo never once had a cloud in the sky. Granted, it could have been just my luck of the draw but highly recommend looking at Cabo San Lucas if you are planning a trip to a tropical location soon.

Where We’ve Stayed 

When we travel for work with Pink LIly, we always get a rental house that allows us to do photography at the house. We also book hotel rooms for the models too so I thought I would go over all of the places I’ve stayed thus far in Cabo.

VRBO House

The house we stayed at this year for our Spring Shoot was STUNNING. I’ve linked it here so you can pull it up on VRBO. The house included 1 Master Bedroom and 2 additional bedrooms on the main level of the house. 1 of these rooms did include 2 full size beds. Behind the garage was another room that had 3 full size bed. Down below the main floor was 2 additional rooms on both sides of the pool. These rooms did include another King size bed and 2 twin beds. We had 16  ladies stay there and we all fit very comfortably. This home would be great for several families that are vacationing together and want to split the cost of the home.

The pool was so nice and heated and included 2 levels and a hot tub. It overlooked the ocean where we saw whales throughout the day. It did have stairs down to the beach area too.

Cabo Azul Resort

We booked Cabo Azul for a few of the models that flew in for the shoot and I spent a day over there. This resort was so quiet and peaceful and right on the beach. 

The pools were more of a classic black and white look. It’s probably much better for a couples trip than a family vacation with how quiet and also how expensive it was. The food was amazing though. I had the Poke’ bowl down by the ocean while we took a quick break from working. 

Swimsuit coming soon

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

For our most recent trip, we ended up booking a room at the Waldorf for our final day in Mexico. We worked it out with them to get permission to do a photoshoot there for the Caitlin Covington collection and decided it would be easier to just stay on the premises. This was probably one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever been to. It was so luxurious and the views were out of this world. It was right in the heart of downtown Cabo but still secluded and away from the public. 

Pants / Top / Sunglasses

I loved that it was right at the bottom of the mountain and truly an authentic Mexican resort. It did have a kids club but honestly didn’t see many kids around. It could have been the time of year too but I personally wouldn’t come to this nice of a resort with kids. It’s another great one for couples or a girls trip though. I can’t wait to go back one day with Chris or my friends. 

Swimsuit / Sunglasses / Kimono / Sunless Tanning Foam

El Farron

The restaurant connected to the Waldorf is an outside dining experience that is out of this world. We had a sunset reservation on our final night and it was the best experience. The servers were highly skilled and knowledgeable and the food was by far some of the best I’ve ever had. 

Here’s what I ate: 

Lobster Bisque 

Sea Bass


To drink:

The Pink Kiss cocktail was recommended to us by a friend and we all had 2 (or 3) of these. It was delicious and so girly. I wish I would have snapped a photo of it to share of the drink alone but we all held it in this photo below. It was light and refreshing. 

Dress / Romper / My Romper/ Romper on Right

What We Did

Due to restrictions and us having so much work to do, we didn’t do much this trip. I’ll recap our 2019 places too just for this reason.

The Arch

We went out with Blue Sky Cabo on a private tour to the Arch. The Arch is a gorgeous location out in the ocean that is a must see if you visit Cabo. You can actually access the beach too if you want to see it up close but I recommend doing a boat tour to get there.


One of the coolest parts of the trip was seeing a Sea Lion. In 2019, we had one come up on our boat and this year we saw hundreds up on the cliffs. It was so awesome.

Kimono / White Swim / Black Swim / Leopard Top / Leopard Swim/ Shorts

The Office On The Beach Restaurant

This was a fun restaurant went to in 2019. Linking it here for you to see the full menu. 

This was much more of a party restaurant but still so much fun for a large group of girls. We had the Coconut Shrimp and it was delicious. They had live music and even a dancing area. We didn’t go here this year with trying to stay away from large crowds but do recommend it once larger gatherings are back in action. 

Overall, both trips to Cabo were a success and it’s one of my all time favorite locations. If you ever decide to travel south, be sure to check it out! 

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