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Family photos is something I have always treasured, and I look forward to our fall session every year! With the leaves changing colors and the cool crisp fall air, a portrait session during this season is ideal for everyone. One of the details that someone may think takes hours upon hours to plan is picking out the perfect outfits for your family. However, I have learned a few tricks and tips over the years that will help lessen the stress of this detail and allow for the perfect photos to cherish for many years.

Tip #1: Pick a color scheme.

Some may have the misconception that everything has to match from head to toe. However, this is no longer the trend that you have to follow. I recommend picking 2-3 colors that are your favorite and build the outfits from there. You will want to consider the location of your photo session when making this decision because you want to make sure the surroundings don’t clash with the color scheme you choose. Some of my personal favorite colors to pick for outdoor fall sessions are navy, mustard yellow, rust, wine, hunter green and shades of cream. Not only do these colors pair well together but they also allow natures beauty to create the perfect backdrop!

If picking a color scheme becomes overwhelming, you can simply pick 1 outfit that you just absolutely love. It can be for you or anyone else that will be in the photos! Once you have locked in on that specific outfit, you can work around it for everyone else until creating the perfect fall wardrobe.

Tip #2: Add different textures.

Picking out pieces of different textures allows for more depth and diversity in your photos. It could be as simple as adding a velvet dress or denim jacket. Not only does layering pieces look great in photos, but it will also keep everything from blending together. As you can see in the outfit inspirations below, adding in a ribbed sweater dress or a cable knit cardigan could be the perfect touch in mixing up the different textures. So don’t spend too much overthinking it!

Tip #3: Mix and match solids with patterns.

Not everything has to be one or the other. Mixing solids and prints allows for a more diversified look that coincides with one another nicely. In our family photos from last year, you will notice I mixed in not only my plaid skirt but also my sons plaid shirt of a different color that tied in with my husbands solid navy button up. Again, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Tip #4: Shoes and Accessories

Shoes are just as important as the clothing you pick out for your photos. However, it can be as simple as adding in the perfect fall boot for everyone in the photo session. Tall boots go great with a dress or shorter skirt or even over a pair of leggings. Shorter booties go great with longer midi skirts, jeans and pants. You want to make sure the shoes are comfortable and easy to maneuver in for both adults and children. Below you will find several of my personal favorite fall boots that would work great!

Adding in fun accessories such as hats, scarves, belts or jewelry allows for that perfect extra touch to your photos. You want to make it fun and let kids be kids. If they have a certain headband or bow they love, add it in! Remember its about being realistic over consuming perfection.

Remember that this is all about you and your family creating photos that you’ll cherish a lifetime. Be yourselves, have fun and don’t overthink the process in creating the perfect wardrobe. I hope my tips help lessen the stress and provide insight on different options that would be perfect for fall family photo sessions. The attached links under each inspiration board will take you straight to each item for easier access to check out. Make sure to tag me if you try any of these outfit/color combos. Happy Fall friends!

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