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The Halloween season has always been something my family loves to celebrate, and I thought what better way to entertain than with a charcuterie board. With the hustle and bustle of getting my kids ready and venturing out for a night of trick-or-treating, making a festive meal for family can be a challenge. However, I have grown to find making a charcuterie board not only appeals to everyone but can be done in just a matter of minutes. Throw on some holiday décor and voila!




Green Olives

Alouette Brie Cheese

Boar’s Head Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Lesley Stowe’s Raincoat Crisps Fig & Olive Crackers

Trois Petits Sweet & Spicy Cornichons Piquants

Private Selection Prosciutto

Roth Original Havarti Cheese

Murray’s Pepper Jack Cheese

Private Selection Classic Entertainment Crackers

Savannah Bee Company Honey

Private Selection Sopressata

Private Selection Genoa Salami

Snack Factory Original Pretzel Crisps


Boar’s Head Smoked Gouda

Boar’s Head Roasted Garlic Hummus

Blake Hill Pumpkin Maple Butter


Most of this can be found at your local grocery store. I usually get the majority of my goodies from Kroger.

There are no specific steps as to how to put the charcuterie board together. In all honesty, you can do it a million different ways and each way would work great! For this one specifically, I started with placing THESE Halloween decorations on followed by a couple of the cheese blocks. You can use any size board but I chose a larger one which you can find HERE. For the Brie cheese, I thought it would be fun to add an extra touch and used a pumpkin cookie cutter just like this one HERE to cut out the center of the cheese. From there, I filled smaller ramekins just like THIS with different goodies (hummus, raisins, olives, etc.) and placed them on the board. You can use whatever size ramekins work best with your display.

At this point, you will want to start filling in the rest of the board with the different fillers. I started with a variety of meats followed by more cheese and fruit. From there, I continued adding on and filling with the varieties of crackers and pretzel crisps as well as different sauces and more fruit. For a fun touch, I filled the pumpkin cutout with the Pumpkin Maple Butter which is absolutely delicious! You can add as much or as little filler as you want. I recommend placing everything until the majority of your charcuterie board is covered. Lastly, I added another fun touch and placed THESE Halloween cheese spreaders into each of the bigger blocks of cheese for easier cutting.

You can throw on a few more Halloween decorations such as THIS, and now you have a delicious and fun treat for everyone to enjoy. It’s bound to be a Spooktacular time!

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