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With Halloween being right around the corner, I thought a fun way to celebrate the spooky season would be by making a Hocus Pocus themed charcuterie board. Not only are they a hit with Chris and the kids but they are a fun appetizer option for any upcoming parties you might be hosting for Halloween. You can incorporate a wide variety of foods while making sure there are healthy options for everyone to enjoy. Plus, who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus!?

Ingredients Used:

Boar’s Head Salami

Boar’s Head Prosciutto

Boar’s Head Cracker Cut Salami

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Black Olives

Mozzarella String Cheese

Pretzel Crisps

Pretzel Sticks





Dried Apricots

Brie Cheese

Reese’s Mini Cups


To make the Hocus Pocus themed board, follow these easy steps:

1: Start out by rolling up the larger salami pieces making sure to roll them pretty tight as they will loosen up a bit when placing them on the board. These will be used for Winifred’s hair which is why I recommend to roll up quite a few. Once you have a pile to use, gently set them aside.

2: Next, I recommend going ahead and cutting up the mozzarella cheese into chunks which will be used as Sarah’s hair. An easy way to do this is buying the prepackaged mozzarella string cheese and simply cutting them into smaller pieces. Once you have a stack to use, set them aside as well.

3: Grab a round charcuterie board such as this one HERE and place all three brie cheese onto the board. You want to make sure the cheeses are touching although be sure to scoot the middle brie up a bit taller than the other two.

4: Place the rolled salami above the middle brie cheese for Winifred’s hair. Then layer on some blue corn tortilla chips to fill in the empty space.

5: Now it’s time to throw on Sarah’s hair (you will want to use the brie cheese located to the left of where you placed the rolled salami). Start by placing some of the cut mozzarella cheese pieces above the brie and then trickle it down the left side filling in space.

6: Time to add Mary’s hair as well as the other fresh fruit! Place the blackberries above the remaining brie cheese, and then add pretzel crisps to fill in the empty space at the top. For easy organizational prep, I highly recommend getting smaller ramekins such as there HERE to keep everything separated yet easy to grab.

7: Since we are celebrating Halloween and all things Hocus Pocus with this board, you have to add a little sweet treat! I grabbed some mini Reese cups and pretzel sticks to whip up some witches brooms which were the perfect filler on this board.

8: Now add the cut up kiwi under the middle brie cheese (Winifred), the dried apricots under the far right cheese (Mary) and then a strawberry under the far left cheese (Sarah). To fill up the space under the dried apricots, I bought cracker cut salami and gently placed a row along the edge of the board.

9: To finish filling the space under the kiwi and strawberry, roll up some prosciutto (or deli lunch meat if you aren’t a fan or prosciutto) and place on the board.

10: Time to complete the Sanderson Sister’s faces! For the eyes, slice a black olive into half moon shapes and set on the brie cheese. You will also want a tiny piece of the olive for Sarah’s mole. For Sarah’s mouth, pull off one Twizzler string and cut two small pieces that you will “smoosh” together on each end to form the mouth.

11: For Winifred’s mouth, gently make a slit in the top of a raspberry and place on top of the brie cheese to form a puckered mouth.

12: Lastly, you will use part of the Twizzler for Mary’s mouth. Follow the same steps you did for Sarah’s but make sure to smoosh both pieces completely together before placing on the last brie cheese. You want Mary’s mouth to appear as if it’s closed. Now time to serve and enjoy!

You all know how much I love making these, and I have to admit this Hocus Pocus theme is a new favorite! The kids are counting down for the release of Hocus Pocus 2 which will be out so soon!! We can’t wait to have our family over to watch the new movie at our house while snacking on this board all night. Snuggly blanket, new movie, yummy food and fellowship with family…yes please!

I would love to see your Sanderson Sisters creations. So make sure to tag me in all your fun Hocus Pocus boards. Have fun creating, friends!

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