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Strawberry Moscow Mule Recipe

May 20, 2021

This one was so fun to make and very refreshing. It took a little bit more work with the strawberries, but it was so worth it and makes for the perfect afternoon cocktail. It took about 5 minutes or less to make!


2 parts Finlandia Vodka 

Ginger beer 

5 Strawberries

8 Mint leaves 



Combine 4 cut strawberries and 8 mint leaves in your small serving glass and muddle together. I used a wooden spoon and it worked too. Once muddled, fill the glass with ice.  

Add 2 parts vodka 

Squeeze lime

Top the glass with Ginger Beer 

Stir all together and garnish with a strawberry.

Pro tip: Use a Muddler! It will be so much easier when you muddle the mind and strawberries. I will be making this drink on repeat this summer. It screams pool days and relaxation! It’s light, fruity and refreshing. Let me know if you try it!

Here is the bar set I have at home Linked HERE

Cocktail Bar set linked HERE 

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