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Kitchen Remodel 

So back a few weeks ago I got a crazy idea to repaint my backsplash. When Chris and I moved into our home back in 2018 we wanted to do updates on the kitchen but held off. Right after the move, the land that we now own became available for us to buy so we knew we would be moving within a few years and just held off on any updates. Fast forward to Covid times and being stuck at the house so much more, I finally decided to go for it with a DIY project. 

Kitchen Before

Full Supply List:

Degreasing Cleaner



Paint Brush


Tile Paint


Tile, Stone and Grout Sealer

Caulk Gun

Silicone Caulk

I went to Lowe’s one afternoon after work and got all the supplies that I thought I would need for this. I started out by scrubbing the existing backsplash down with Degreasing Cleaner to ensure that the tile and brick was cleaned off.  I started this project at around 6 pm and cleaned everything by 7:30 and let it all dry. Then I started with the Primer. I wanted to get that on so it had time to dry overnight. The lighting in my kitchen is terrible so I had to pull out some flashlights to help me see since it was dark outside too and no natural light coming in. It was a fun time for sure. I couldn’t convince Chris to help me since it was my project and he was not sure how it would turn out. He was very skeptical until he saw the end result. Gotta love men! 

First Round of Primer

The following Saturday, I spent most of the day painting. When I say most of the day it was more like Play with Reese for a while then wait til she Naps and paint for 2 hours and repeat the cycle. I had about 10 hours put in total but didn’t get all the way done. I got the first coat on and left it to dry again overnight.

The next day we had Reese’s first birthday party so I didn’t get to finish so the project got pushed off until the following weekend. I then finished one more coat and realized that the original Farmhouse Paint I got was not sticking to the tile well and needed to get something else. This is when I sent Chris to Lowe’s to get floor paint since the middle of our backsplash has a row of tile in it. I went over it with the new paint and it made such a difference. The darker spots weren’t looking near as dark anymore and the paint was adhering much better. I let this dry overnight.

The final day of the project was adding the sealer coat over the paint. This took less than an hour and was super easy to do. I applied 2 coats and then waited until the night to ask Chris to Caulk it. I tried to Caulk and realized I am TERRIBLE at getting a straight line on the bottom of the brick so let him handle this part. 

Here is the final result. I was so excited with how it turned out and got a rug to complete the decor. I love how it makes the color of the cabinets pop now and is much cleaner overall. 

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