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Pink Lily Spring Shoot

Last week, we flew south for the week to Cabo San Lucas for our Spring Collection shoot. We always do this every February to escape the cold temperatures and to get photos and content of our Spring items. It’s impossible to photograph a swimsuit outside in Kentucky in February. Vacation outfits and Spring looks are huge from March- June with the site so we always venture somewhere tropical and warm.

Our days were so long with waking up around 6 am each day and starting as soon as the sun came up. I helped with making sure the overall photoshoot went as planned, getting content of the items and also feeding everyone there. I tried hard to make some healthy snacks and meals to keep them energized and going.

These photoshoots can be very stressful for everyone involved but this past week especially, it became very interesting. Back home, we had an ice storm and flights got delayed. We had one girl that was coming glater in the week with clothes we needed for an upcoming collection with Caitlin Covington and she was stuck in Nashville WITH THE CLOTHES. For 2 full days, we worked on a plan to get her out of the ice storm and down to Mexico. Our fulfillment center was also closed and UPS was shut down so we had no other options to get the clothes to Mexico without getting our girl on a plane. We stressed and we cried and videoed the whole ordeal (coming soon to Youtube for the Caitlin Covington Collection 😉 but we finally got her there with one day to spare. It was a mess but all worked out so well.

The photoshoot overall was a success. Our photographer got over 20,000 photos during the trip (insane) and we had beautiful weather the entire time. It’s hard to take so many clothes out of the country and to get it all done but we somehow managed.

So many of you all have asked me to share some of the things we take on these trips so thought it would be great to share!

Our luggage is usually IFLY luggage. It’s so bright and fun and the wheels are great for rolling quickly through the airport when we are in a rush.

IFLY linked here! 

Another must have when we travel is a steamer. We have so many of these Conair Steamers and use them to steam all of the clothing after they are unpacked. I highly recommend getting one of these for traveling and keeping your clothes wrinkle free.

Steamers linked here! 

A few other items that I always pack when I travel are pictured here! 

Pink Lily Luxury Tan helps me stay tan without getting the harmful Sun rays.

Liquid IV helps me stay hydrated throughout the day.

(code: torigerbig for 25% off and free shipping)

Equilibria CBD drops help my anxiety to stay under control.

(code: torgerbig for 15% off your first order) 

Fasting Salts help with headaches or unpleasant feelings I may have while fasting.

These are my staples and have to go with me everywhere no matter where I travel.

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