Rylee’s 9th Birthday- Slumber Party + Spa Night

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Rylee Kate turned 9 last week and I still can’t believe it. How is time going by so fast? It’s insane.

For her birthday party, she wanted to have her closest friends come over for her very first slumber party. She’s so into skincare these days so also wanted it to be a spa party. This sounded like such a cool idea so I worked hard to bring her little bday party to life. Most of the decor came from Party City or Amazon. We hired a local party company that sets up the tents and air mattresses so I didn’t have to buy those and store them only to be used very little. But aside from that, my assistants and I set up the rest and I think it turned out super cute.

For the balloon arch, I mixed a few different Amazon arches to get the color combo that worked for us. I also added in some of the daisy balloons and the 9 light. All from Amazon! Just remember to use a pump so you don’t have to blow up all the balloons with your mouth. A lesson I learned a few years ago that saves my time and way easier. Here’s the one I use from Amazon.

We used a local company that set up the pillows, air mattress and tents but you can also find some on Amazon if you would rather not rent. For us, we just didn’t want to store it all after we purchased so using a company that does the party made the most sense.

We did set up the entire Spa Table though and purchased most of the items from Amazon or Target.

Amazon Spa Night Items LINKED

Spa items we got from Pink Lily and Target all LINKED

I had fun making the swag baskets for the girls that stayed the night. We included their spa items + PJs + Tumbler + blanket and more. It was adorable and they all loved it. Use the code torig20 for the Pink Lily items to save 20%.

I think the party was a huge success and it was so much fun to plan and decorate. I really do enjoy these types of events and Rylee had the best time with her friends. It was a core memory and I was so happy to bring it to life for her.



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