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Since moving into our new home earlier this year, I have been dreaming of the holidays and being able to decorate our large open living space. With fall right around the corner, I knew it was time to hit up some of my favorite stores for all the decorating essentials. I wanted our home to present a warm, welcome feeling from the moment you enter the front door which is why I chose to mostly keep with neutral tones but add some pops of color here and there. I wanted a tasteful aesthetic that kept with the rest of our home and I must say, I think the new fall decor does just that!

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For the kitchen, I didn’t want to add too much decor with having three young kids running around and us using most of the counterspace while cooking. So instead, I decided to whip up an island centerpiece that provided a hint of autumn color and made sure to catch your eye upon entering the room. My suggestion would be to first find a rustic board whether it be a charcuterie board, serving tray or even an organizational bin that you can use year round. Then add a vase with some fall floral stems such as the leaves I used here.


You can throw on some small pumpkins and a fall scented candle to help finish your centerpiece. For an extra added touch, you could find a fall cookbook to place decoratively on the board or even a rattan pumpkin that you could fill with fall candy such as I did. Don’t overthink it and instead play around with the placement of your items until you’ve got just what you were looking for. Remember, simple is key!

Moving on to our living room, I wanted the bookshelves and fireplace to be the main focal point since this is where we spend majority of our time together. With already having gold and tan accents within the bookshelves, I knew I wanted to stay with more of a brown and cream theme with the fall decor in this space. While Chris and I were shopping at HomeGoods in Nashville one weekend, I came across all sorts of different sized cream pumpkins that I knew would work perfect. Not only did they have different shades of cream but there were also several different textures which is key when decorating a space. I was also able to snag quite a few wicker pumpkins at Hobby Lobby that helped complete most of this space.

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For an extra fun touch to help finish the look in our living room, I ordered some neutral pampas grass from Crate & Barrel for the fireplace vases. I love the aesthetic pampas grass provides in a home no matter what holiday or color scheme you’re decorating for! I then added a pop of color with a mustard throw blanket for the couch and some neutral patterned pillows for the chairs which completed the room.

Now on to the next space. Right beside our living room, we have an open area beside the stairwell that leads to our master bedroom. For this specific space, I wanted it to feel like a warm, cozy nook that incorporated all things fall. That being said, I found some amber colored vases at Target along with different floral stems that added an extra pop of color as well as more textured pumpkins from Crate & Barrel.

Crate & Barrel also had different sized rattan vases which I knew I needed for decorating both inside and outside our home. These again are something that can be used year round which helps offset the higher price tag on them.

I first picked what vase I wanted centered on the corner table and then started adding different floral stems. A big suggestion when doing floral vases is to start with the largest stems first. Then gradually add in more making sure your smallest stems go in last because they can easily be more so used as a filler which works great. Again, don’t overthink it.

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I then added another fall candle along with two smaller pumpkins as well as a larger vase in the floor with larger pumpkins. I didn’t want to overcrowd this space which can easily be done. One tip for a smaller space would be to play around with the placement of items until you’ve created a full, complete look without overdoing it product wise.

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For the last space which was my entryway, I again wanted to keep it clean and simple although adding some fun pops of color here as well. I started with a small board from Target’s “Bullseye’s Playground.” I mean, who doesn’t love all the great items Target throws in that section!? $1, $3 and $5…can’t beat it! With it being a smaller board, I added a smaller floral arrangement and two small pumpkins which took of most of the board space.

On the other end of the console table, I added two larger floral arrangements making sure to stick with the same color scheme as well as another fall candle and a little bit larger pumpkin. That completed the space for now although I might add a few more little touches after my next round of shopping in Nashville. What can I say, HomeGoods gets me every time!

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Biggest thing to remember is you don’t have to go overboard or empty your bank account to create an aesthetically pleasing space that showcases all things fall. I often find most of my holiday decor at HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby which are perfect for anyone sticking to a tighter budget as well as Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn which are on the pricier end. There are so many options when it comes to decorating especially for the holidays, and you just have to find what you like best and run with it from there. Pick a color scheme, choose different textures, add some floral stems and throw on a pumpkin or two and you’re set!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, and I hope this has helped inspire you to celebrate all things fall as well. Be on the lookout for part two of decorating where I tackle the outside of my home. Lots of great tips and product ideas coming your way soon! Have fun decorating, friends!

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