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Everyone that knows me knows I have a deep love for all things coffee. It is one of the essentials I just cannot live without. Being a busy mom and business owner, I don’t always have time to run through Starbucks drive-thru and wanted to create something I can make quickly at home. This vanilla latte recipe is now a staple in my book and such an easy to go!

Ingredients Used:

1/2 cup of strong coffee (or you can use 2 shots of espresso instead)

1 cup of milk (whatever kind you prefer)

2 tbsp. of vanilla syrup- I use Sugar Free Torani

To make the Vanilla Latte, follow these simple steps.

1: You will need a frother just like this one HERE. Add your milk of choice and the vanilla syrup before frothing.

2: Once you have the consistency you like, grab a glass and fill it about halfway full of ice. You could use less ice if you wanted to. This is just what I personally prefer.

3: At this point, you will add in your coffee or espresso followed by the frothed milk/vanilla. Stir with a straw and enjoy!

This drink is simple, quick and absolutely delicious. Whether this helps lighten the busy morning rush for some of you or is simply another addition to your coffee routine, I’d love for you all to tag me if you give it a try. Enjoy friends!

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