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July 12, 2021

While we were at the lake house over Fourth of July weekend I put together this hot dog board to share with the family and when I say it was so easy, it was Easy!! Everything was pretty much all put together and each person added their condiments and chips. Here is how I put it all together. 


Hot Dogs 

Hot Dog buns 





Potato Salad 

Lays Chips 

BBQ Chips 


Grab a flat board that you will put all of your ingredients on. 

Before you start, map out where you want to place your ingredients. This will help when you begin putting your board together. It is also a lot easier to place the condiments in ramekins instead of leaving it the jars it came from. This helps with portion control and the over all aesthetic of the board. 

First thing you put on the board is the hot dog buns since they are bigger and take up the most room. I would suggest putting them on each corner so that it is easier to grab from all sides. Go ahead and place the hot dogs in the buns. You will find this to be so much easier than having them all separate. 

Then you will want to space out your ramekins on the board. I placed the potato salad in a large ramekin and placed it in the center then worked off of that with onions and relish on either side. Then mustard and ketchup on the ends. 

Now fill in the empty space with chips. I used lays and BBQ chips. 

You can always get creative with your ingredients and placement on the board. This is how mine turned out. It took less than 10 minutes to put together and maybe a total of 30 minutes from start to finish. 

Ramekins Linked Here

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