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With it being the holiday season, I thought a fun way to celebrate would be having an easy go to drink recipe that would incorporate fall itself but also be simple to make. This Pumpkin Spiked Cider is it! It’s delicious and can be made in a matter of minutes. Your family and friends will love it just as much as mine do.

Ingredients Used:

1 Gallon of Apple Cider

Orange Juice

1/2 Bottle of Korbel Champagne

2-3 Cinnamon Sticks

To Make:

1: Pour the entire container of apple cider into your dispenser. For an extra touch, I bought this pumpkin DISPENSER which added the perfect amount of holiday festiveness to our family gathering.

2: Now pour in 1/2 the bottle of the Korbel Champagne followed by about 1/3 of the bottle of orange juice. In all honesty, you can add as much or as little of each as you prefer. It’s all about what you enjoy taste wise.

3: Stir everything together, add the cinnamon sticks and you’re ready to serve in your favorite champagne GLASS!

I personally thought it was a fun touch to set the pumpkin dispenser on this Lazy SUSAN which everyone needs for hosting. It is a versatile piece that adds a fun touch to any setup! I hope all of you enjoy this recipe as much as my family and I do. Make sure to tag me if you give it a try. Enjoy!

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